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General SEO Questions

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimisation. 

SEO is the progress of ranking a website in a search engine such as Google for multiple keywords it wants to target within its niche. 

You can get white hat, grey hat and black hat SEO. White hat SEO is associated with honest SEO practises and black hat SEO is associated with more unethical ways of ranking your website first page. Even in 2023 black hat SEO is very effective for higher competition keywords. 

SEO isn’t hard to learn but it can be hard to implement the different SEO aspects in the real world of SEO and website design.

The time it takes to see SEO results heavily depends upon the keywords your trying to rank for and the SEO changes you made to try and rank for those keywords.

Yes, if you want your website to be found online by anyone then your website will need some level of SEO.

There are many different aspects to SEO which we’v covered on our website, you need to optimise your on-page SEO and off-page SEO to see the best SEO results.

SEO can help your website get found online for the products and services you offer. If you want your website to function as an automated online business then SEO is very good for your website.

Once you rank for a keyword you don’t need to keep paying for clicks for that keyword, SEO is much cheaper than PPC long term.

If your website isn’t ranking well for your desired keywords it’s likely there’s some aspect of the SEO that isn’t being implemented properly or your trying to target a keyword that isn’t realistic for your SEO abilities.

Yes, if you want to get found online then SEO is very important in 2023.

If you have a low competition keyword you want to rank for then you can achieve SEO results quite quickly.

No, most website designers don’t offer SEO as part of their website design service. Quick SEO Solutions offer SEO website designs meaning we design your website with SEO in mind helping you get found by the right customers online.

Social media marketing, PPC ads, content marketing and email marketing.

No you don’t but having a blog can boost your SEO and be advantageous for your websites SEO.

We recommend using WordPress as your website design platform for its many SEO integrations that allow your website to get found online.

Some keywords have a higher search volume and have more websites trying to rank for those keywords so it takes longer to rank for these keywords due to the greater number of websites also trying to rank for those keywords.

You should start by covering the basic aspects of your SEO and seeing what your competition is doing well.

The SEO results you expect depend on the changes you’ve made, try and ensure each page has at least 500 to 700 words to see good SEO results in a few weeks. 

Start by setting up social media on your website to ensure you see good SEO results for your website.

Technical SEO Questions

Off-page SEO is SEO changes you make the are not on your website such as backlinks.

On-page SEO refers to the SEO changes you can make on your website like content to help boost your websites SEO.

Internal backlinks refer to backlinks between different pages on your website. External backlinks refer to backlinks from other websites to your website pages. Both types of backlinks are important for good SEO ranking.

See what type of content your competition have on their website and try and make your better and more useful than the competition to see better SEO rankings.

See our SEO services page to see all the different SEO elements you should implement on your website.

You can speed up your websites load time by using removing heavy CSS and HTML on your website.

You can rank for multiple keywords on Google by making a page to target each keyword.

The amount of pages you need on your website will depend on what keywords you want to target on your website and the purpose of your website.

Keyword research is the process of identifying the search volume of your target keywords and the difficulty of each keyword you want to target.

We recommend using Moz.com and Google Keywords Planner for your SEO.

SEO Business Questions

The SEO cost will depend on the keywords you want to target.

SEO can take weeks, months or even years depending on the keywords you want to target.

Some keywords have many more websites trying to rank for the keyword than others so it takes longer and is more expensive to rank for due to the higher volume of work required to achieve first page ranking for that keyword.

Some keywords have many more websites trying to rank for the keyword than others so it takes longer and is more expensive to rank for due to the higher volume of work required to achieve first page ranking for that keyword.

A exact match domain is a domain that is exactly the same as the main keyword you want to target. “Beckenham tutors” would be beckenhamtutors.co.uk

You need to improve all the aspects of your SEO your competition is following such as content and website structure to appear higher in the results than them. 

Content, website layout, URL structure, backlinks and social presence.

Use SEO tools or reach out to other websites within your niche.

You can check your SEO results using Google search console to see your website impressions and clicks over different time periods.

You can use Google analytics to see what your website visitors are doing on your website.

Yes, social media allows you to add a link to your website which helps boost your SEO, Google views websites that have a good social presence as more legitimate.

You don’t need a Google business listing but it can be useful to help boost your websites SEO.

The amount of content you need will vary but try and have at least 500-700 words per page.

The amount of pages you need will depend on your website purpose and SEO goals. 

Google sees duplicate content as spam and can harm your SEO rankings if you have too much duplicate content on your website.

The fastest way to rank for the keywords you desire is to follow Googles best SEO practices.

Yes, having a website forum can encourage traffic and boost your websites content.

Bad SEO practices can harm your websites SEO.

Yes, if you want to get found online use Google Search Console to add a sitemap to your website.

Yes, if you want people to visit your site and boost you SEO HTTPS connection on your website is essential.

SEO Service Questions

We follow the best SEO practices to help people rank their business locally or nationally for the keywords they desire.

Our SEO service beats the competition by using Googles best SEO practices and proving useful content for your website users.

You will get more leads and more website traffic when the SEO is starting to show good results.

Yes, we provide local SEO services for businesses who want to rank locally for the products and services they provide.

Make pages to target the specific areas you desire.

We use SEO tools such as Moz to help find backlinks for your website.

You can use the Google disavow tool to help find and remove bad backlinks for your website. 

The best type of SEO is white hat SEO .

Yes, rankings nationally for a keyword will take longer due to the higher competition.

Yes, ask us if you want to learn more about how to do SEO for your own website.