What are backlinks

Backlinks are the cornerstone of SEO, there are a wide variety of backlinks and understanding how to implement a proper baclinks structure on your website can be the difference between winning or loosing when it comes to SEO.

Backlinks come in two forms, internal backlinks and external backlinks. Internal backlinks are links from one page on your website to another page on your website, external links are links from an external website to your website. Both types of backlinks are very important which we will discuss below.

Main features on Backlinks

Using backlinks can help boost your websites SEO, meaning you'll be able to rank for more keywords and secure more valuable leads for the products and services you provide.

You can quickly secure more clients for your business using internal and external backlinks, backlinks don’t just increase your website domain authority, the give Google a better understanding of your website structure and help distribute page ranking throughout your website.

It’s more important how you implement your backlinks and the type of backlinks you use should be from a high DA website that is a similar niche to your website, for example if you have a education website you want backlinks from educational websites so Google understands your website is seen as relevant. 

High DA Backlinks

Digital marketing is a great way for painters for find more clients online, using a professional digital marketing service such as quick SEO solutions can help you find more clients interested in your painting services.

Niche Relevant

There are loads of ways to advertise your painting services this could include SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, paid Ads and word of mouth. Using a professional advertising company such as Quick SEO Solutions can help you boost your rankings and find more clients.

Backlink Tools

Quick SEO Solutions offer professional painting marketing services for new or established painters who wish to reach out to more clients online, we can help you share your content across social media and on your website in a more interesting way that will increase engagement and drive traffic.

Internal Backlinks

If you're a painter working in a local area and you want to secure more clients in your town, village or city, then Quick SEO Solutions are experts in local SEO for painters, we can help you rank first in your local area and drive valuable clients to your website.

External Backlinks

We offer a robust SEO service for painters who are looking to drive more customers to their website or social media page, our professional SEO services help customers find the right painter their looking for in the right area. If you're looking for a SEO service that works and will help you find the right customers we are right for you.

Bad Backlinks

Whether you're a small or large painting company Quick SEO Solutions can help find the right SEO package for you, carefully balancing cost and quality to ensure each painting company get's the SEO results they need within the budget they're looking for.

Use backlinks to rank your website for your target keywords

As a painter you may run into many different types of SEO issues such as having content on your website but not getting any traffic, having issues finding the right backlinks for your painting website or even technical on page SEO issues that you may not understand how to solve, using a professional SEO company such as Quick SEO Solutions can help eliminate  these issues, saving you time and money.

Learn what pages to optimise

If you have a painting website you want backlinks from other painting for painting related websites pointing to your website, this will help Google increase your website rankings for the painting services you provide by showing them other websites in your industry see your website as important to point backlinks towards it.

Learn what to improve

High DA backlinks are also important for increasing your SEO rankings and driving traffic to your website, high domain authority backlinks pointing to your painting website give it more authority online and therefore high rankings in the search engine. You can get high DA backlinks from setting up social media accounts and adding your website link to each account.

See what SEO methods are working

SEO content is an important part of any SEO rankings strategy for painting SEO. If you don't have enough content on your website, Google won't know what your website is about and it certainly won't know what keywords to rank your website for, learn more about how we can help you rank your website and explore the different content options you have available.

Keyword Targets

Knowing what SEO keywords to target is important as it helps formulate an effecting SEO strategy, saving you time and optimising your entire SEO process for your painting website. You can use SEO tools such as Moz to gain a better understanding of popular SEO keywords for painting.

Website Design

Having a well structured website can optimise your overall SEO rankings by boosting several on page SEO ranking factors such as page load time, security and user screen time, your website design is an important part of your SEO process so ensuring you get this right firs time is vital for good SEO.

On Page SEO

On page SEO is closely associated with your website design but refers to more specific on page aspects such as internal backlinks, keyword volume, meta titles (H1,H2,H3 tags), quality and diversity of your page content, images and overall page structure, on page SEO specifically refers to on page SEO features.

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