How does SEO work?

How does SEO work?


Basic Summary

The service, product or information you sell determines your SEO keywords, your SEO keywords determines your SEO strategy because the different keywords have different levels of SEO difficulty depending on the niche your keyword targets.


Finding your SEO keywords 

You can find SEO keywords using SEO tools such as

We also have thousands of keywords available on our website you can access for free simply by choosing your given niche, you can find our keywords page here. Keywords help you determine your SEO strategy and give a clear direction and aim when preparing your SEO strategy.

SEO Strategy


You can be a good guy or a bad guy when it comes to SEO, the most effective SEO is somewhere in the middle, don’t be too good or you simply won’t get anywhere, don’t be too bad or the Google police will catch you and lock you up, (not literally).

What we’re talking about here is Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO, somewhere in the middle is called Grey Hat SEO. Black Hat SEO still works very well and is quite effective when done properly however it doesn’t add value to your website in the way White Hat and Grey hat SEO does and Black Hat SEO leaves your website at risk of being penalised.


Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO uses SEO software that gives your websites high DA backlinks, “fake” clicks and higher ranking for the keywords your targeting, it can be very effective for higher competition keywords.

White Hat SEO  

The main focus of white Hat SEO is on the content, quality shareable content that will keep real, active and valuable users on your website for long periods of time, boosting your SEO rankings.

Grey Hat SEO

Grey Hat SEO focuses on mixing both these methods together for superfast SEO results.


Choosing your SEO method 

Choosing your SEO method is a complete personal choice based on the website owner and there’s no wrong choose when it comes to choosing your SEO method.

How long does SEO take?


How long the SEO takes to achieve your desired keyword target depends on two things, your keyword and the SEO method you use to rank for your keyword. The equation for SEO results time would look like this:

Desired SEO Result (DSR) = SEO Keyword x SEO Method


SEO Methods 

Black Hat SEO (Quickest) = 1

Grey Hat SEO (Middle) = 1.5

White Hat SEO (Slowest) =  2


How much does SEO cost?


SEO costs can vary dramatically and are effected by a wide range of factors including

  • location
  • SEO keyword
  • SEO expert availability
  • SEO method
  • company or individual

Why is SEO important for my business?


SEO helps your business website get found online by customers who type in your keyword targets, it helps local businesses get found by local customers who are in general more likely going to use a local company that a smaller one.

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