What is local SEO?

What is Local SEO?


Local SEO is the process of ranking your website in your local area for the product or service that you provide. Local SEO is characterised by it’s focus on a specific local area rather than targeting multiple areas or nationwide SEO targeting. Local SEO is generally quicker and easier to rank, if you have a local business then you should optimise your local SEO for find local customers in your area looking for your products and services.


How is local SEO different from normal SEO?


Local SEO in normally much lower competition than normal SEO and takes much less time to reach the first page targets general SEO would take to reach. If you’re just starting our or have a low budget for your website and marketing requirements, then using local SEO methods can really help you save money and secure valuable leads for your business that you could turn into potential customers.


How can local SEO help my business?


Local SEO can help your business by providing your business with local customers quickly and for a much cheaper price than general SEO. Basic SEO ranking methods normally work with local SEO. If you’re business operates in a specific area using local SEO to find customers in your local area can help your business grow more quickly by maintaining

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